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What Is The Importance Of The Topic Effect Of Dissolution Of Partnership?

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  • Dissolution of partnership means that the partnership business is coming to an end.
  • There can be various reasons for it like death of a partner, completion of the purpose for which partnership was formed, bankruptcy, partners may feel the need for closure of the business or they may not want to continue it any further etc.
  • Its effect are, that it will lead to sale of the assets of the partnership firm, all the liabilities will be settled, books of accounts will be closed, profits or losses will be shared by the partners as per their agreed ratio. And in last if anything remains it will be mutually shared by the partners in their profit sharing ratio.
  • The dissolution needs to be carried out legally as per the prescribed rules and regulations.
  • The claims of all the parties are settled.
  • The partners receive their respective share and bear the losses/gains as per the pre decided agreement of partnership.
  • Dissolution of partnership is a very vital topic and its effects are such that they influence all the parties associated with the partnership firm. So comprehensive knowledge on this topic can really help the students a lot.

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