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What is Economic Value Added and Residual Income?

  1. Let us tell you what economic value added is?

Economic value added (abbreviated EVA) is focuses on ‘economic profits’ or ‘value added’ to business by certain investments.

Calculations involved in this area-

  • EVA estimates the profit after tax of company after such cost of capital is deducted from the estimated net operating profit.
  • Calculating net operating profit by subtracting the amortization operating cost and depreciation from such operating profit

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  1. Let us tell you what residual income is?

This is also based on economic profit. This relies more on the conventions of finance and accounting.

  • Net operating income is calculated by such residual income after costs of capital is deducted from investments,
  • Difference that stand between the income that is generated by associated expenses and investments is the calculated net operating income

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EVA involves more adjustments to measure the earning while residual income is based on conventions

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