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Do you aspire to know the meaning of dynamics? Dynamics can be well explained as a branch of applied mathematics which mainly deals with the study of

  • Torques and forces
  • Their effect on motion
  • How are they being opposed by kinematics
  • It aims to study the movement of objects without knowing about their causes.
  • Sir Issac Newton’s second law of motion governs dynamics.

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Want to know about the principles of dynamics?

The scientists and researchers are constantly involved in study of dynamics. Do you know what do they study about? They study about the following:

  • How a physical system develops or changes with the passage of time.
  • They study about the causes of these changes as well.
  • With the help of Newton’s law, dynamics can be understood as it is mostly related with the Newton’s second law of motion.

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You can study dynamics in two ways. The two categories are

  • Linear dynamics:

It involves the study of objects that move in a line and also includes different quantities like displacement, mass, inertia, force, acceleration, velocity and momentum.

  • Rotational dynamics:

It involves the objects that are rotating or are moving in a curved path. The quantities involved here are as moment of inertia, rotational inertia, torque, angular displacement and angular momentum.

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