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What is downsizing management?

Terminating employees from the company payroll is known as downsizing management. Every company aim to work ethically and profitably with fewer people in the organization, and thus rightsizing/downsizing management is an essential process in the company.

Types of downsizing

  • Permanent:

Under downsizing management, employees are terminated for permanent along with a notice period of generally 30 days depending on the HR policies of the firm.

  • Temporary:

Under temporary downscaling, the employee is considered to for rehiring after certain period of time.

Why is downsizing an essential component?

It is important for the firms to operate efficiently without fail. With increasing number of employees in the company, the outflow in terms of employees’ salaries, incentives and other benefits should be lesser than the inflow realized from the efforts of the employees.

If in case the certain flow is not appropriate, the company operations are realized under the loss period and thus downsizing management is considered in the picture.

The downsizing management works on a simple agenda on keeping one employee at the desk when there are no profitable earnings in the presence of the second one. And certainly, it becomes essential in long run for the company to sustain their market value.

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