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How, if you ask? Let’s discuss what downsampling is first, and then we will take the discussion forward.

What is Downsampling?

Subject like physic includes the study of digital signal processing in which the process of reducing the same is known as downsampling, also termed as Decimation.

How is interpolation different from downsampling?

Many students get confused with the term decimation and interpolations and believe that both the processes are similar.

Interpolation is a complimentary process that increases the sampling rate. Downsampling on the other hand is a special case where the sample rate is converted into processing systems of multi-rate digital signals.

What is decimator, if you ask? Decimation requires a system component to perform the procedure and the same is served by Decimator.

3 factors of Decimation

Depending for the application and required components, downsampling can be calculating with 3 different factors:

  1. Integer Factor

Integer factor includes 2- step process:

  1. Including digital lowpass filter as it helps in reducing the high frequency signal components
  2. Keeping only every Mth sample in the process

Where M is an Integer Factor

  1. Rational Factor

Rational factor includes:

  1. Interpolation of L by the factor
  2. Decimation of M by the factor

Where M/L is a rational factor

  1. Irrational Factor

Irrational factor includes:

  1. Polynomial interpolation
  2. Farrow structure

Where R is depicted as an irrational factor performing the techniques of Decimation

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