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What is double blind study?

Double blind study can be termed as the process of experimentation where the subject (or participant) and the tester are blinded, in order to keep the results unbiased until the actual outcome is relieved. In other words, it is a process where the subject and the experimenters do not know who is receiving the particular treatment.

Example of double blind study

Let’s take an example of a drug test where the researchers are in the process of investigating a new drug. Now, if gone by the double blind study, the researchers who will interact with the participants would not know who will receive the actual and who will receive a placebo (inactive drug).

In many fields, blind experiments or blind trials are very important, such as, medicines, social science, psychology, natural sciences, applied sciences, and many others.Blind experiments are best imposed on the field followed by researchers or technicians.

The bling experiments in some cases are really helpful but also follow the unethical statement in the field of development psychology. For an instance, children that are entitled with arbitrary experimental conditions can be raised by such experiments but if followed by violation of ethics.

An important use of double-blind study is that this procedure helps minimizes the possibility of experimenter or the researchers’ biasness.

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