Dos and Don’ts to Be Followed While Doing with Physics Homework

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Physics is and always has been a tough nut to crack. Compared to other subjects physics is quite challenging. This fact holds valid even when this subject is compared with all other science subjects. Naturally, students all over the world find it quite difficult to cope up with the home tasks and assignments which are given as physics homework.

Added to that, assignments which are given from sources like work books and various numerical books make things even more difficult than it already is.

Understanding and building up:

Homework in general is a rather boring job for students to do. If this very particular task is further toughened by assigning problems which are not quite solution friendly and at the same time are too hard to crack then naturally, the mind of the student cracks up. This is a major reason why teachers have to face the problem of seeing copies blank every morning. The fault is not entirely for the student but teachers as well.

So, whatever reforms should be made are to be together in order to find a plausible and satisfactory end to this problem. This in the process will not only make physics homework even more interesting a thing to catch up to but also play a major role in teaching you students how to get closer to your teacher through your assignments.

Reasons behind not doing assignments:

Before anyone wishes to look for the solution for any kind of problem, it is a must that they pay attention to the reasons which are actively playing a dynamic role behind that problem. As for not done homework and not completed assignments, the most common reasons that have been playing as a major working force are the following:

  • Lower grades:

Many of us choose to ignore lower grades as a cause of assignments not being done. Conventionally, lower grades are considered as the result of not doing assignments. This concept is gravely wrong and needs immediate rectification. Lower grades tend to affect the mentality of a student by which he thinks that he cannot do any of the assignments given as homework. Thus, homework is ignored.

  • Lack of practice:

Constant neglect of homework given creates a mindset which molds thinking process in such a way that students think that not doing homework and assignment is a normal things and can be ignored.

  • Lack of proper guidance:

Strictness in parents has somewhat thinned away with the passage of ages. In our generation, we used to be scared of our parents screaming at us for being called by from school. But kids nowadays do not seem to be scared of any such outcomes.

Necessary citation:

There may have been many other reasons which should have been mentioned here but this should be enough for now. It is really not possible to give a mental and psychological angle to what goes inside a child’s head when he decides not to do homework. Yes, there is this possible angle and it is being seriously researched by concerned persons. But these cases are hardly common and it is not seen in every third home so these facts can be taken aside all the same, if not entirely wiped off the grid.

What should be done?

This is where some important things will be shared. What needs to be done? Children are not doing their homework, not maintaining deadlines for assignments, not caring what teachers think of them, not respecting any instruction. There are so many problems.

At first sight, it may seem that kids are becoming outrageous and capital punishment would be the only way out in order to straighten then bent spine. This, although is not entirely wrong, should definitely be considered to be taken into account as the last resort. No, you do not need to worry this resort is hardly put into action. Here are some things that one can do instead:

  • Assist your child to do their homework:

Perhaps the best way to build up on a parent and child relationship is for the parent helping the child do their homework. Children feel safer with their parents and that has no doubts. This effectively helps to solve a lot of problems. The child feels no fear in order to admit whatever petty or stupid questions he or she has to their parents because they know there is neither shame nor fear in it.

  • Hire an online tutor:

There always comes a point in time when parents are unable to help their child in coping up with problems related with physics homework. Physics, as it is, is a very tough subject and after a certain period of time, parents will inevitably find physics problems too difficult for them to solve, unless they have done Masters in this subject.

There is also the time factor because of which parents will find it extremely challenging to manage time between their own work and their child’s homework. Thus, it is best to go for online professional tutors.

  • Writing their homework:

Students go astray when the pressure of homework becomes too much for them to bear. They find it impossible to dedicate part of their time to quality studying hours too. This is a grave problem and has severe circumstances. One way in which this can be solved is going for writing off their homework from qualified writers who can ensure the best work.

Technology playing its part:

Believe it or not, technology has a very big role to play in accelerating the ways and means of a child to finish their homework. The present generation of kids is very much attached with tech toys like mobile phones, tablet devices and laptop computer. All these instruments are used mainly for their entertainment purposes – listening to music, clicking photos, playing games, being active on social networking sites and so on. This should be put to good use instead by bringing up modern methods of digital assignments.

In this way, not only can students complete their assignments, but they will also be able to enjoy every bit of it.

Are there any don’ts to follow?

Yes there are certain things that should not be allowed:

  • Do not allow your child to be out of touch or out of practice with their habit of doing the day’s work on the day itself.
  • Do not let your child feel demotivated.
  • Do not let your child feel bored on physics or any subject for that matter.
  • Do not allow too much of exposure to tech toys.
  • Do not rebuke them on bringing home low grades as these actions can lead to serious depressions.


So that’s it! It is extremely easy to mend a child’s feelings and make him do what is right without any difficulty.