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Let’s first discuss what are the major factors included in the system to manage documents:

What is Document Management System?

Document management system, or DMS, is a computer program system which is used for tracking, managing and storing all the documents. Document management system is the process of storing the documents electronically, in order to reduce the use of paper.

Basically, DMS is overlapped with the concepts of content management system. DMS is often seen as a constituent of content management system and is connected to workflow systems, document imaging, digital asset management and record management system.

Key Features

Some of the key features of document management system include:

  1. Version controls helps to differentiate in the cersions of the documents that came before and now
  2. It is important to keep a rain check on a document and the users associated with that document and its content. The same is examined under Audit Trail till the course of the document’s life stored in the system.
  3. The further editing in a document by different users is common practice. Check-in/check-out and locking helps in keeping a track of every single edit and avoiding overlap, if any
  4. Annotation and stamps
  5. Roll-back, to activate a prior version in case of an error or premature release

DMS today range in scope and size from small, standalone systems to large scale enterprise-wide configurations serving a global audience. It is served as a very basic component under the content management of the enterprise field.

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