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But first, let’s discuss the basic necessities required to understand DNA libraries.

DNA Libraries is referred to the collection of the DNA fragments which is stored in a population of micro-organisms by the process of cloning.

In other words, DNA Libraries collect the DNA fragments, which are cloned and stored so that the researchers can easily identify and isolate the DNA fragments that can create interest for further studies.

Type of DNA Libraries

There are different types of DNA Libraries which can be discussed as follows:

  1. cDNA Libraries:

cDNA library collects the DNA samples of the mRNA (Messenger RNA) which is purified from a particular source that has been converted back to a DNA template by the use of an enzyme reverse transcript. Following are the applications of cDNA Libraries:

  1. it helps in the discovery of the novel genes
  2. Understanding repertoire of mRNAs, experienced and expressed in different cells
  3. it clones the full-length of cDNA molecules a particular study of gene function
  4. Alternative splicing study which is experienced in different cells, is also considered under the applications of the same
  1. Genomic Libraries:

This type of library contains large fragments of DNA in either bacteriophages or bacterial chromosomes. The main applications of Genomic libraries are:

  1. Helps in the study of genetic mutations in career tissues
  2. Determines the complete genome sequence of a given organism
  3. Serves as a major source in genetic engineering. The process of Genomic sequence helps in verifying the generation of transgenic animals is served under the study of such engineering.

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