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DNA Fingerprinting is the process of identifying a person or an individual by the characteristics of their DNA. DNA Fingerprinting is also known as DNA Profiling, DNA Testing or DNA Typing.

DNA Fingerprinting was first invented in the year 1984, defining it as a set of DNA variations that happens to be very different in all individuals therefore; it becomes a unique identity to individuals as are fingerprints.

Uses of DNA Fingerprinting

DNA Fingerprinting or DNA Profiling is used in many events, such as, percentage testing and criminal investigation. These are now widely used globally by police and detectives to ease their work, and also help in clearing paternity and immigration disputes. DNA fingerprinting is also used in the study of animals and floral populations and also in the study of zoology, botany and agriculture.

Techniques used in fingerprinting

Following are the techniques used in the process of the same:

  1. RFLP Analysis: Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism
  2. PCR Analysis: Polymerase Chain Reaction
  3. STR Analysis: Short Tandem Repeats
  4. AmpFLP: Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism
  5. DNA Family Relationship Analysis
  6. Y-chromosome Analysis
  7. Mitochondrial Analysis

It has been proven that 99.9% of the human DNA sequences are same in every person; DNA is different that it is possible to differentiate one individual from the other, unless they are an identical twin.

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