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What is dividend policy?

For a successful business, every company has a set of fixed guidelines. These firms use these guidelines which help them to make decisions regarding the payable amount to shareholders. It also helps the company to get an idea about the portion of themoney that is required to be paid to them.

What is share value?

The price with respect to an individual share among numerous saleable stocks of a firm or financial asset or its derivative is known as share value. In generalterm, you can state share value as stock prices too.

Relationship between share valueand dividend policy

With the help of dividend policy, a company can find out about the monetary portion that can be given to shareholders and also what portion can be utilized for reinvestment in thebusiness. It is via dividend policy and share value assignment help service you can easily understand the relation between dividend policy and share or stock value.

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  • Models associated with it
  • Effect of both in business

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