Discovering Melodious Ways of Concentrating on Homework

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Encountering a person reading intently while having earplugs fixed is not an uncommon sight. Most people find music as refreshing and do not miss any chance to listen to it, even while busy doing their homework.This art form helps many by improving their concentration level and by altering their moods. And that is why students often resort to music to make their studies and homework less boring.

As rightly said, dance is an artistic expression of colors and music is of words. It has the ability to capture people’s attention by embracing their moods and altering it according to its own mood. This effect of music can also be observed on students when they are trying to learn or complete an assignment. Though the effect varies from one individual to other but the studies have shown a positive impact of music on learning.

Many studies conducted on the effect of music over mind, revealed that music boosts the performance of brain and leads to better productivity in any task that is performed simultaneously with it. But before we dwell into what type of music that helps you concentrate on homework, let’s quickly know various advantages of music.

Benefits of music while doing homework

Music is definitely an inseparable part of human life. The pleasant sound that it creates fills the heart and soul with harmony leading to the experience of immense peace within. Apart from that it has many other positive effects, which are

  1. Music helps you focus on your task

As per studies were done in Hopkins University, music enhances the tasks like problem-solving, writing, brainstorming, or goal setting, etc. Also, it increases student’s attention span by saving his brain to wander off to other noises. Music that helps you concentrate on homework also fills you with energy and keeping you fresh till the task lasts.

  1. Music elevates mood and keeps you motivated

If you are anything like me, then the first thought that would come across your mind is playing a good track, while you are tired or anxious. A good soundtrack helps in relaxing you down, and it soothes your mind thus letting you forget about distracting sad thoughts. It has the power of altering your mood and to fight against depression and anxiety. Also concentrating on one’s homework also becomes very easy as a good mood leads to motivated mind.

  1. Music helps you in studies

Several reputed University researchers have revealed that having a track on in the background can boost studies. Listening to music while doing homework or study, improves memory, attention and mental math abilities.

  1. Heals the body by improving the brain

Various brain structures that are responsible for memory, motor control, language,etc. get activated when music is on. They respond much faster leading to a faster outcome of our efforts. This innate connection between our mind and music makes it a biological need of human body along with an aesthetic need.

What kind of music should I listen to?

It is obvious that every student likes to listen to music while studying. But you must keep this in mind that selecting a correct type of music while studying can improve your productivity. Not every kind of music matches with your brain cords. So to understand about the music that helps you concentrate on homework, read the following description with care and attention

  1. Classical; ‘music for the ‘

Classical music has its own set standards. They are famous for being calm and serene at the same time. Their harmonious effect soothes the brain and creates a much stress-free environment for the brain. A relaxed brain can concentrate on homework much easily, and the productivity of the student receives a boom. Hence classical tunes is the best music that helps you concentrate on homework.

  1. Music without lyrics; instrumental is the answer

Our brain is wired in a way that it cannot concentrate on two different sheets of vocals at the same time, it can focus its attention only on one. That is why music with lyrics is less encouraged while doing homework as it would create a unnecessary distraction for the brain, resulting in a lesser focus on course material.

On the other hand, instrumental music releases stress from the brain and enhance the mood of studying and provides an idol background harmony for doing the homework. The ambiance created by instrumental sounds is beyond excellence.

  1. It sounds that replicate the nature

Some people are attached to their roots and love to listen birds chirping, river flowing and trees whistling. These sounds available in nature have a great effect on mind and mood enhancement. To have access to them, you can either study in natural ambiance or can avail the soundtracks of music that replicates these harmonies from nature.

The sounds available in nature never behaves as a distraction, rather they have some innate connection with our brain and helps in better memorizing and fastens the learning process. Tunes replicating nature is definitely the music that helps you concentrate on homework.

  1. Light music

If you are a big fan of lyrics and instrumental do not impress you as much, then you may go for ‘chilled out’ music. Remember that the soundtrack that you choose should not be too intense or complicated. Otherwise, all your attention would be consumed by the music only and your dream of enhancing your studies would take a backseat.

The lyrics should be light and volume should be low. The music should effectively cover the background noise but should not behave as an unnecessary distraction. Also never try to sing along as it would again make your studies suffer. Use it as an enhancing agent and not a distracting one.

  1. 60-beats per minute is the secret

Several studies revealed that music that plays at 60 beats-per-minute are the idol kind of music that helps you concentrate on homework. This kind of music effectively puts the brain into refreshed mood and wires along with our brain cords. Apart from that it enhances creative thinking and gets the brain into the mood of studying.


Now, hopefully, you are well-equipped with music information for next time you plan on studying with harmonies around. But remember not to forget that your main aim is to achieve academic enhancement and music is their ease your efforts and not to increase it. For happy listening and studying, always remember

  • Always keep the volume sufficient to cover other distracting noises only, not more.
  • Prepare the suited playlist in advance, never waste time that you have allotted for studies
  • Break up the playlist to mark your break time and craft your studies along with the music; it would keep you fresh and active for long.