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What is meant by discounting of thebill?

It is known that a bill of exchange is an instrument which is drawn by seller to pay buyer required amount of money needed to a particular date. Therefore this is a written order with no interest applied on it. This is mainly used for international trade purposes to make party to pay a fixed amount at a future date.

Definition of bill discounting:

If the bill of exchange is transferred or sold much earlier to the maturity date at a much less amount compared to what to be got after maturity of bill. Then the discount will depend on how much time left for bill to mature keeping the risk innotice.

Explaining the bill of exchange:

  • Any individual or any bank can draw bills of exchange as they are transferable by endorsements.
  • If these bills are issued by a bank, then they can be referred to a third party similar to bank drafts.
  • Whereas if the bills are issued by individual then it acts like a trade draft.

Points to remember about discounting of bill exchange:

  • The amount and date are specified here.
  • Bill of exchange and promissory note are different
  • The validity of these bill ranges from three to six months
  • However, up to three days of grace are permissible to the acceptor of the bill to make payments
  • In case the bill gets dishonoured the amount will be debited from supplier’s account

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