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Engineering is the study of science and technology and it has a vast expand hence, classified in different categories and sub categories. Here we are going to discuss about digital filter which is the part of signal processing in Electrical Engineering.  Lots of mathematical calculation and so many electrical circuit and diagrams are involved in the topic.

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Bit about the subject topic

The analog signal process has some limitations, as only few frequency components are working there.  So for converting other kind of input signal into its own form and own level of frequency, an extra method is required. It is required for getting the perfect result.

For example if the frequency level of an input signal is higher than the frequency level of sampling then it give a wrong output and the whole spectrum can be damaged. For this reason the performance of digital filter is required. If you want to know more for doing your assignment, you may get in touch with our Digital Filter assignment help on 24x7assignmenthelp.com.

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  • About transformation and conversion

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