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In logic gates you will find a Boolean function that lets this idealized device to work with one logical operation active on one or more than one binary inputs and the result will be a single binary output. This is generally the cause behind calling this device as an ideal logic gate or a non-ideal physical device. You will be able to get a complete view in this matter by requesting a Digital Electronics Logic Gates Assignment Help from us. We are always ready to support students at our website,

How will you define logic gate?

This digital logic gates are those specific types of electronic devices that are responsible for making decisions depending on various digital signals and their combinations that are present on their current inputs. Digital logic gates can have many inputs but only one output. Here you must remember that these devices can be connected with each other and form a sequential circuit.

From Digital Electronics Logic Gates Assignment Help you will come to logic gates of two different kinds:

  • TTL or Transistor-

Transistor logic: This device uses Bipolar Junction Transistors belonging to the group of either NPN or PNP.

  • CMOS or Complementary Metal-Oxide-Silicon:

This device uses Field effect Transistors belonging to JFET or MOSFET.

Both of these kinds are found related with creating IC or Integrated circuit.

What will find in classification of IC?

The next stage of Digital Electronics Logic Gates Assignment Help will bring forth the classification of IC. The classification is done depending on their number of transistors or gates inside.

  • SSI or Small scale Integration: This device contains 10 transistors maximum.
  • MSI or Medium scale Integration: It will have from 10 to 100 transistors.
  • LSI or Large scale Integration: It will have from 100 to 1000 transistors inside.
  • VLSI or Very Large scale Integration: This device possesses 1000 to 10000 transistors.
  • SLSI or Super Large scale Integration: This device will have 10000 to 100000 transistors.
  • ULSI or Ultra Large scale Integration: This device will have a million transistors or more inside it. You can find most common instances of this device in computer mechanisms.

What is known as digital logic state?

From Digital Electronics Logic Gates Homework Help you will learn that this digital logic gate is the basic foundation of all other small to large scale electronic circuits. The logical operations of this device are AND, OR and NOT which is dependent on the binary numbers.

When dealing with this topic of voltage level you are going to find

  • Logic “1” or “0”
  • High and Low
  • And True and False

This theory belongs to Boolean algebra.

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