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What is Digital Control?

Digital Control is the part of Physics and at the higher level it becomes the part of Electrical Engineering that comes under Control theory. The digital computers play an important role to handle the system controllers. This can also be treated as micro controller sometimes. Only with the proper feedback one can easily get the solution in a proper way. So, the functionality and the development of this system are based on the feedback.

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Why the digital computers’ price dropped even after a good start?

Though the assumptions were high after the invention of this computer, but the price dropped because of some following reasons –

  • Flexibility
  • Inexpensive
  • Scalable
  • Static Operation
  • Adaptable

Each above factors are responsible to make digital computers manageable. So, the demand couldn’t match with the price list, which was higher.

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Why the digital controller is important?

There are some important reasons for which this controller system becomes important and these are as follows –

  • A/D conversion and this is important to convert all analog inputs to acquire the readable format.
  • D/A conversion to acquire all digital outputs
  • An exact program to that connects outputs to their inputs.

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