What Is the Significance of the Digital Audio Broadcasting Assignment?

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What is the importance of DAB or Digital Audio Broadcasting?

DAB or digital audio broadcasting is termed as digital radio or high definition radio. The main function to broadcast the audio is to convert the signal of analog mode into the signal of the digital mode. Moreover, the transmission is done in the FM or AM frequency range. The spectrum frequency can carry many channels at the same time. The expert says that it is very important to understand the whole process in a step wise manner.

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What are the features or specifications of DAB through which the signals work positivey?

These specifications are –

  • 1.5 MHz Bandwidth
  • Frequency bandwidth is 30MHz to 3GHz
  • It has a high signal rate more than 1.5 Mbit/s
  • The audio rate provided is 8-384Kbt/s
  • Digital audio broadcasting can easily provide more than 12 stereo channels and if anyone goes, for he audio channels, then it is more than 63 mono channels.

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What are the different concepts you should take care of?

These concepts are as follows –

  • Analog audio
  • Digital Signal
  • FM or Frequency Modulation
  • AM or Amplitude Modulation
  • IBOC
  • MPEG algorithms
  • COFDM or coded orthogonal frequency division multiplexing
  • Global Positioning System

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