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What is deviation risk measure?

  • Deviation risk measure is a measure of average variance in certain fields of study namely economics, statistics, finance & accounting.
  • The measure determines the spread of a given data set from average mean value.
  • The measure is calculated by the square root of variance that in itself is the average of squared differences of the mean.
  • The measure is much applied to calculate the risk associated with hedge fund investing.
  • Larger standard deviation indicates larger degree of risk.
  • Consistency in the deviation risk measure determined by the tool of standard deviation finds widespread usage in measuring a country’s GDP, crop yields, the height of students of a given age etc.
  • There is however, a latent weakness, that prevents standard deviation risk measure from being used as an end-all measurement; the measures adapts a bell-shaped distribution curve indicating equal probability for higher & lower values above & below the mean value respectively. This leads to the risk assessment skewed in one direction – a probable risk arriving out of standard deviation risk measure.

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