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What exactly is development cost assignment all about?

  • Any organization on its growth path allocates fund separately to invest in research required to promote its goods & services.
  • The investment in research fund can be prudently used for development of the organization.
  • The basis of surveys done to analyze market condition is developed by the research wing of the organization; more investment in research fund i.e development cost is directly proportional to the growth of the organization.
  • Successful accomplishment of customization of goods & services is a viable option only under an extensive research done about customer choices & requirement.
  • A customer centric firm experiences a rapid growth as they are informed about consumer satiation.
  • In today’s world, more informed is equivalent to increased revenue.

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Implications of development cost:

Allocation of funds designated for development of an organization can have serious implications. The capitalization of development cost has the ability to influence profit with far reaching consequences across the organizational structure.

U.S Generally Accepted Accounting Procedure (GAAP) has laid down rules for certain treatment of development cost however the general rule allows to expense research & development cost as & when it arises. All these & much more are waiting to be explored from the professional skillful writing of team

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