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Design management and its need:

Let us come to the basic question- what indeed is design management?

Earlier, design management was used only in management of projects based on designs, but, with the advent of time, the scope of design management grew. It started including other aspects of the organization. Design management takes into account design thinking and involves strategies of management.Design management links the innovation of the students in creating designs with the ethics of the corporate world like strategic and tactical management

Simply put, design management is the introduction of design into the business world.

Design management is the amalgamation of the ongoing procedures, strategies and business decisions which helps in enabling innovation and creates products which are effectively-designed, services, environments, communications and brands that improve our eminence of life and offer success to the industries or organizations.

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Following are the needs of design management:

  • Design management is believed to inculcate leadership qualities, which is very crucial to cope with a global marketplace.
  • Design management seems to be more relevant these days because of international competition. Global oriented companies are increasing their focus on cultural aspects and values in their products and services.
  • Design management is multifarious and it is considered as a merger of old hierarchical designs and new managerial principles.

Scope of design management:

This subject has many scopes. If more attention is given to the strategic level of design management issues, companies will have better options concerning the use of designs.

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