Find out Important Factors, Objectives, Causes and Features to Learn About Depreciation

In any business calculating revenues over expenses is not everything to begin with. In a complete ledger you’ll find many such values that may not have direct influence. One such thing is depreciation value. Although it is a tough matter to understand but if you have our expert support provided through Depreciation: Features, Causes, Objectives and Factors Assignment Helpthen it’ll be easier to grasp. For further information contact us at

Meaning of Depreciation:

Depreciation is a type of declining value system of tangible assets. The value is divided according to their useful lifetime in any business. Other than land, any tangible asset has a limited period of usefulness to any specific type of business. From Depreciation: Features, Causes, Objectives and Factors Assignment Help you can see that these assets will create income in its lifetime which needs to be divided into accounting years and then place them into expense account.

Features and factors of depreciation:

When you will approach this matter for assignment paper then next topic is its features and factors that are important to memorize.

  • Depreciation will indicate a fall in values of tangible assets in their useful lifetime. Each year they will have less value from last year.
  • This will simply refer to a fall in book value rather than market value or even the cost of that asset.
  • You’ll notice from Depreciation: Features, Causes, Objectives and Factors Assignment Help that a fall in book value is a very slow process and gradual in nature.
  • Depreciation starts to work on an asset the moment it is put to use and stays until it becomes completely useless.
  • Depreciation is especially charged on fixed assets.

Objectives and causes of depreciation:

In the next stage we will discuss about objectives and causes of depreciation from Depreciation: Features, Causes, Objectives and Factors Homework Help:

  • You will find depreciated value charged against capital assets and placed in expenditure. The profit that is earned using its lifetime also appears in revenue account. These are all calculated in accounts and then only profits are measured in each accounting year.
  • Depreciation helps in calculating proper asset value eventually letting an accountant find what the actual business position in market is. Unless this process is activated asset values will be overstated.
  • Since depreciation isn’t charged right away from the expenses after the purchase of asset, the amount remains in profit and loss account and pays off that value used for buying it slowly over the useful lifetime of that asset.

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