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Students of Economics are often asked to make a report on demand of a product based on different scenarios.  Demand is an important factor that influences the price as well as quality of a product. Students of economics are taught about demand & supply, demand curve and law of demand. These attributes need to be referred and applied while making a report. Our highly experienced team members at, with specialization in Economics, offer demand homework help for any kind of scenario.

What Does Demand Mean in Economics?

In Economics, this term is used to indicate buyers’ willingness and ability to buy a given item. Demand for an item directly depends on its price. If the price of an item increases then demand decreases. Similarly, if the price of an item decreases then demand increases.

In business, it is important to predict the demand for a good or service in advance to avoid loss. Therefore, entrepreneurs often invest a fair amount of money to assess the public demand for their goods and services.

According to the laws of demand, the higher price of any product reduces the quantity demanded for the product, while lower price increases the quantity demanded.There is an inverse relationship between demand and price which can be summarized using demand curves and demand schedules. Get all such explanation sin your assignment folder through demand assignment help.

Demand Schedule Vs Demand Curve

A demand schedule shows the quantity demanded at a particular price in tabular form, whereas a demand curve is a graphical representation of the quantity demanded at each price.

To draw such curve, the quantity is written on the horizontal axis and price is written on the vertical axis. In this curve, the dependent variable is represented in horizontal X-axis and the independent variable is represented in Y-axis that is against the normal rule of drawing a graph in mathematics.

Almost all demand curves share the basic similarity that they slope down from left to right, expressing the law of demand: As the price rises, the quantity demanded fall and vice versa.

Assignments on This Topic

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