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Assignment Model is a difficult subject to deal with. It is the responsibility of the manager to assign specific tasks to specific employees. So students who are willing to work in business fields in the future should deal with the subject intelligently.

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About Assignment method:

  • It is a method which determines the assignment of capital, employees and almost everything in the company.
  • This method helps in solving traditional one to one assignment problem.
  • It is concerned about allocating organisational resources.
  • The assignment can be between
  • Employees to jobs
  • Jobs to machines
  • Employees to machines
  • Employees to departments

There are codes that are written by experts which are compiled to find the results of the assignments. The code can be written in MATLAB, OOP, etc.

Why is assignment model needed?

Imagine students are being assigned to different homework without any training or lectures. It will be not only hard but impossible for the students to even start with the tasks. Likewise, for this same reason assignment method is needed. With each allocation the employees are trained in that way, the machines are maintained or programmed in that way. So it is necessary to solve the assignment models.

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