Definition and Meaning of Growth Theory and Some Steps for Learning Economics Easily

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Economics is a subject in which the students get to learn about the production, consumption, and also the transfer of wealth. It is a very vast field that has many concepts and methods to learn and among it, the growth theory is one of the most interesting and on the other hand difficult one.

It is very important for a student to understand the different concepts so that he is able to face the challenges given by the professors in homework and assignments and as well as in tests. There are many things to learn but without a proper understanding, it becomes hard for the student to solve their assignments or prepare for the tests. But with some smart techniques and the easiest help of an expert available online, economics becomes an easy subject.

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What is economic growth?

The growth theory is said to be the growth or an increase in the inflation-adjusted value of the goods and services in the market developed by an economy over time. The economic growth is measured as the increase in the real Gross domestic product percentage. Where the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is adjusted for the purpose of inflation.

GDP is actually nothing but the final market value of any of the goods and services in a particular economy or nation. So the question is how any of the economy or the nation continually grow GDP resulting in the progressive economic growth? The answer to this question could be given easily by the three growth theories:

  1. Classical theory
  2. Neo-classical Theory
  3. New economic growth theory

The student needs to understand these three and the other theories of economic growth and then keep solving the homework and assignment. The question could be based on any theory and the students should know how to solve them. But due to unclear concepts and lack of knowledge, most of the students get confused and their work is left unsolved.

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Let us see the different theories of economic growth:

  1. Classical model

Adam Smith developed and introduced several factors which can provide an increase in economic growth:

  • Market, for identifying the supply and demand.
  • The labour productivity
  • A good specialization which is enabled with the trade in the market
  • The growing scale returns

All these factors have defined the need for improvement in the technology to have more production and for the economy to run properly. As this model shows clearly that there is a constant technology change but the large inputs can result in diminishing the returns.

The classical model has to understand more clearly with a much better understanding of the terminologies to understand the various factors affecting economic growth. The student needs to give a good time towards this subject to see that they grab each of the terminations and answer the questions of the homework and assignments easily.

  • Neo-classical theory

It is described in the Neo-classical theory that the increase in the labor of the capital could result in the diminishing of the returns. That is why the increase in the capital has a very less impact and temporary results on the growth of the economy. The rate of economic growth maintains its steady-rate even though there is a growth in the capital.

This theory is developed by two economists Robert Solow and T.W Swan and that is why it is also known as the Solow-Swan growth model. This theory is mainly based on the following three factors:

  1. Labour
  2. Capital
  3. Technology

The main factor is technological advancement which puts a great effect on economic growth. There is an increase in the output per labor with the increase in the output per capital but at a very slow rate. In other words, we can say it as a diminishing market return. And with this, a point will become where the labor and the capital could be set in order to make an equilibrium state.

The Neo-classical theory is a very complex concept. The above-given definition is just an abstract, the topic is vast and good help is needed. Among all the best help a student could get is the online expert’s help. They are used to all the terminologies and for them solving the strenuous and confusing questions of economic growth theory is not a big deal. You can surely take their help at any point it feels like.

  • New economic theory

Paul Romer and Robert Lucas have given the idea of new economic theory where they have given the concept of how the workers with their knowledge, training, and the education can increase the growth of technological development. With their education and knowledge, they put a need and importance of technology before the government for the better yielding of the goods and services for the people in the society.

  • This model gives us the following impacts on economic growth:
  • This model puts emphasis on the need for labor and capital productivity
  • Any of the state with the increasing productivity of the labor does not have diminishing returns instead there may be increasing returns.
  • This model also argues that the increase in the capital does not always result in a diminishing of the returns.
  • The new economic theory gives a totally different knowledge-based economy

The students have to deal with such theories and this is not it, there are many other more economic theories where student fail to perceive and at the end, their grades fall down. This puts them under pressure and also makes their life full of stress due to low grades. But to put all this to an end experts are always ready to help you.

The theories may look easy while you are studying them but when an assignment paper or a question paper comes in your hand the things are forgotten, the concepts get harder, and you feel blank. This is because studying is not enough for understanding them correctly is the need. And the answers given by the online experts are so simple and easy to understand that you can easily understand them and whichever may be the question, twisted or complex you can write the answers easily.

What are the difficulties faced by the students while learning economics?

The discipline of economics is something which is difficult for a student to understand, learn, and write. The following are the difficulties which a student faces while studying economics are:

  • Lack of interest

Some students easily achieve their goals and have potential to face all the difficulties while learning economics while there are some of the students who have certain restrictions and it is not easy for them to learn, understand, and write the economics homework, assignments.

One of the reasons behind this is the lack of interest in the subject or the professor teaching the subject. Their focus towards education decreases and the result is lower grades and poor career opportunities. The lack of interest is also because of the unclear concepts and the unsolved submissions which makes them feel that the subject is difficult to handle.

The experts can easily help students with such problems and make economics an interesting subject. They know how to handle each question and write the answers in a way that the students could understand and have on time submissions to increase their grades.

  • Learning difficulties

Not all lectures are that amazing as you are thinking and not every day the professor gives you a lecture that makes you understand the economic concepts easily. Sometimes the professor is in a hurry and all the things go above from your head. In such a situation, a student is not able to concentrate and give his/her 100%. 

For learning, you need proper guidance and information that can help you. And not all the Library books can solve your learning problem. But an expert can, he has complete knowledge about economics and learning becomes fun when you have someone to help you who is always ready to answer all your questions.

The temporary learning difficulties such as student only understand some part of the subject and the other parts are unsolved left in their mind. Seeking education in such form is never useful. Proper learning about the economic concepts is required and the only expert can help you in the best way with it.

You can ask him questions about your homework and assignments as many times as you can and feel free to clear your doubts without hesitating. As you are not in a classroom when you are online so there is no question of getting embarrassed or getting hesitated. While solving your homework and assignments online learning becomes fun and you can write the answers easily of your assignments.

  • Lack of resources

The student is someone who is learning and gaining knowledge and for that, they need someone to help them at every point and especially in a subject such as economics. The students could give their best and perform well in their academics if they have the correct resource with them. Starting from collecting notes to the writing of the assignments a student should get the best resource so that they don’t face any problem.

You can take help from your seniors to know how things work and how economics should be handled. You can take help of the library books or collect notes from your friends which is very useful at times to know the concepts easily. You can also participate in group discussions to solve your economics homework and assignments. You can discuss answers in group discussions to know whether your concepts are clear and if there are in doubt to clear you can clear with your friends.

All the above resources are time-consuming and from your busy schedule, you need to take out time which is not possible every time. So the best resource which can help you is taking online help by the experts. Experts help you at the comfort of your home and always make you feel comfortable you don’t need to waste much of your time and get all your difficulties solved in few minutes.

Why taking online help?

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