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What is service quality?

In simple words, it is the quality of the service provided by the company to its consumers. The services may be about the quality of the products or the treatments the consumers get after buying the product. A good service quality is expected by all consumers regardless the amount of purchase, and it is the service of the company which determines the reputation of the firm.

There are different dimensions of the quality of the service:

  • Tangibles: It is concerned about the appearance of the product or equipment.
  • Reliability: The ability of the product to perform the promised task accurately.
  • Responsiveness: The help the company provides to the customers.
  • Assurance: The firm should be able to assure the consumers with confidence and knowledge.
  • Empathy: Nature or willingness the company has to serve the customers with care.

It is the responsibility of the enterprise to provide a suitable and enjoyable service ambience to the customers. It is necessary to hold the market and the reputation. A customer should not feel alien in the atmosphere. The three elemental ways to create a suitable service climate are:

  • Service Strategy:

It is an internal feature of the firm to divide the service into different parameters.

  • Service Performance:

The level of performance of the employees depends on three factors; Training, Empowerment, Rewards.

  • Customer Results:

Often customers are asked to provide with their valuable feedback. Most people tend to avoid the steps, but feedback from the client helps in developing and improving the service chain of the company.

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