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What is Operations Strategy?

Companies and organisations produce and deliver their goods and services. The process of making to delivering is a long one. To make all the steps to work fine, Strategy is needed. Operational strategies are the methods the companies use to reach their objectives. By the development of these strategies, a company can implement effective systems for using resources, personnel and the work process.

The different stages of Operation strategy are:

  1. Corporate Strategy: It includes Environmental scanning, developing core competencies, Developing core processes, etc.
  2. Market Analysis.
  3. Operations Strategy: This is the implementation of corporate strategy. teaches the students about the five core Operational strategies:

  • Corporate Strategy:

In this strategy, the company is viewed as a system of interconnected parts. Each section in the business relies on the others to work properly.

  • Customer-driven Strategies:

This strategy is required to meet the needs and desires of the target buyers or market. The strategies must be developed to evaluate and adapt to the change in environment, market needs, enhancing competitions, etc. Possible threats should be avoided.

  • Developing Core Competencies:

These are the strengths of the firm. Well trained staffs, optimal business locations and financial expertise is demanded to hold the market.

  • Competitive Priorities:

In this strategy, an organisation evaluates operational costs, quality of its product, the time needed to develop and deliver the product and the flexibility of the goods with regards to variety, volume and customization.

  • Product and Service Development:

This strategy helps the company to design or innovate a new product. The company may decide to introduce a new product to the market. For these processes, a firm has to consider many strategies to be able to hold the market needs.

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