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What Is The Importance Of Deficit Financing?

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  • Deficit financing is a condition which denotes that expenditure is greater than the revenue. The term can be used in relation to any organization or can relate to an economy as a whole.
  • The gap that gets created due to excess of expenditure over the revenues is generally covered by activities like public borrowings, sale of bonds etc., which will generate money.
  • Sometimes there is no other option left for an organization or an economy and it has to go for creating a deficit financing strategy so that it can run its day to day operations and ensure better returns in the future.
  • When talking about the economy, then deficit financing will have an effect on everything be it inflation, capital formation, income distribution, economic development and many other aspects.
  • This method involves long term effect and widespread results. So its strategy should be implemented with a lot of care and understanding that it will affect each and every strata of society.
  • For economics and finance students this concept is of vital importance as it helps in the analysis of deficit situation in a much better way and how one should deal with it if such a condition arises.

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