Dealing with Mistakes in Studying Can Help You to Learn Fast

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How many times a day do we sit down with our books, and then after sometimes look at the clock and say, “taking up this subject was a mistake”? Or, “bunking the lecture yesterday was a mistake”? Or, “I shouldn’t have tried to answer that without knowing. It was a mistake.”? Oh, most commonly, “God, my life is a mistake!”

It’s alright. Neither are you a mistake nor is your life. There is no harm in committing mistakes. The kids in high school might laugh, you might be stuck with an embarrassingly sweet name for the rest of the year, or maybe, none of it will happen. So, don’t bother yourself much with mistakes. Believe me; you need them.

There have been situations where you must have confidently calculated 250+70=310. You must have just texted back your friend saying, “Hey, are you free? Can I come over to your place?