Dealing with Mistakes in Studying Can Help You to Learn Fast

06 Jul Dealing with Mistakes in Studying Can Help You to Learn Fast

How many times a day do we sit down with our books, and then after sometimes look at the clock and say, “taking up this subject was a mistake”? Or, “bunking the lecture yesterday was a mistake”? Or, “I shouldn’t have tried to answer that without knowing. It was a mistake.”? Oh, most commonly, “God, my life is a mistake!”

It’s alright. Neither are you a mistake nor is your life. There is no harm in committing mistakes. The kids in high school might laugh, you might be stuck with an embarrassingly sweet name for the rest of the year, or maybe, none of it will happen. So, don’t bother yourself much with mistakes. Believe me; you need them.

There have been situations where you must have confidently calculated 250+70=310. You must have just texted back your friend saying, “Hey, are you free? Can I come over to your place?” You must have thought that litharge is lead carbonate and not lead monoxide. The situations can get worse. So, you end up blaming yourself and then undermining yourself; and none of the two tastes good. Am I wrong? I don’t think so.

There can be two kinds of mistakes- Responsible ones and irresponsible ones. Didn’t make any sense? Let me explain.

  • Responsible Mistakes-

These mistakes happen without any effort, without a craft. The word ‘homogeneous’ is heard pronounced by you as ‘homogenous’. After sometime, you realize the narrow-eyed glare you are receiving from your mates.

Oops! There seems to be no such word as ‘homogenous’. It’s only a ‘homo’ with a ‘genius’ at the end; that’s all. Unaware and ashamed, you feel like a complete illiterate fool. It’s okay, don’t feel that way.

  • Irresponsible Mistakes-

Now these are well-crafted mistakes. You have known ever since kindergarten that the ‘the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.’However, just while you are about to scribble down that last question of the quiz, all of a sudden you let go of your mind; which begins to hover around.

The fact automatically turns into fantasy, ‘the sun rises in the west and sets in the east.’ The tragedy lies in fact that you don’t even realize this mistake until it’s too late. By too late, I mean TOO LATE.We make these mistakes everyday! Some are in our own hands to bend and fix, the others well, that’s not our destiny anymore.

Leave that to the Moirai. However, as humans, we are gifted with the primitive skill to fix what is broken. In simpler words, make as many mistakes as you want, but learn from them.

As students, we make in numerbale mistakes while studying; which range from the method to the self. Let’s have a look.

  1. Studying is either about passing the exam or about attaining knowledge-

Honestly, the only thing wrong with the statement is that’ or’ in between. Sadly, we all placed the ‘or’ there.

Sitting in a classroom, with twenty other similar people of the same age, almost the same heights, almost the same heads, studying does seem to be a mere weapon for a war called ‘exams’. Wrong! Also bunking your lectures day after day to hangout at the library and spend some time with your favorite authors and topics is a bad decision. They can both, in their own individual ways, make you dumb and not help you in any way.

  1. Ambitious yet unproductive-

Of course, you know that you need good grades in order to get into a good college. Certainly, if you do not complete this chapter by the end of the week, you will be in some deep trouble. You need to submit the project tomorrow at eleven, and there are still twelve pages left to be written. But will one last episode of Breaking Bad do any harm? Nah! Hence, procrastination becomes the call of the day.

  1. Less reference work-

Admit it, none of us has ever actually sat down and gone through the books on our reading list. Maybe in order to draw a character sketch, it is important to mention the situations of similar other characters. But who has the time? School/college, classes, then hanging out with your mates, return home to glue yourself with Netflix, and that’s it. No extra reading, no extra research, no extra information gathered, then just the notes will do.

  1. Lack of patience-

You had scored a pathetic 50% in your last semester. You need to shoot it up all the way to an 85% in your next semester. That’s a good way to motivate yourself. But let’s be practical, an average student needs atleast two more semesters to score that high. But you lack the patience. So, even when you do shoot up but only to a 72%, you lose your ground once again, and go back to procrastinating.

These habits or rather flaws need to be chucked out of your dictionary, completely.  Your mistakes are committed by you, and only you. No one is responsible for them other than you. So don’t hide from them, face them. I assure you, they aren’t scary. After all, they are a part of you.

Next time you make a mistake, keep a few things in mind:

  • Intrigue yourself by your mistakes

Try learning something new every time you walk into that study room or the classroom. Then make a mistake. Done? Good. Now look for the right way. Found it? Now learn it by heart. There. You won’t make that mistake again. Even if you do, come back, see, learn, and know. You now know specifically the difference between ‘enormity and ‘enormous’.

  • Acceptance

Admitting the fact that you have made a mistake doesn’t make you look stupid. They are laughing? Let them. Laugh with them. They too have made mistakes. So have you. Accept your mistake. Work on it. Don’t shut it in a box and keep it away. It will crawl out eventually. Face it and learn from it. That is always the better option.

  • Courage

You might be afraid of the dark, you might be scared of ghosts, but you definitely aren’t scared of yourself. I hope not! Face your mistakes bravely. You spelt ‘necessary’ as ‘neccessary’. It’s okay; this is almost an optical illusion. You will get over it, everyone does.

We all make mistakes. But our mistakes are the most genuine part of our being. ‘Criteria’ is not the singular for ‘criterion’; ‘as far as’ does not represent the same meaning as ‘as for’; saying an ‘h’ does not mean you have to say ‘an house’. How do I know these? Oh well!

Constantly messing up things, making uncountable mistakes, and later accepting them and working on them have certainly led to some good. Make mistakes, but rectify them with the utmost dignity!