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Know the reason behind data transformation

When you are studying data transformation, you must learn the reason behind the transformation. It is generally transformed to make the visualization easy. For example, when you are drawing the plot, you need to transform the data. If the data is not transformed, the plot would turn into tight cluster.

Therefore, it is mandatory to transform the data and then start plotting in statistics. Data is also transformed to improve its interpretability. This is the useful in the case when you want to compare cars to check their fuel economy.  So, all the data is transformed into liters per kilometers. More details on this topic is available on data transformations homework help.

Few examples of transformation

Here are few of the examples of data transformation:-

  • Y = a + bX
  • Log (y) = a+bX
  • Y=a +blog(X)
  • Log(Y)=a+blog(X)

These are few examples of transformation and if you are seeking the explanation of each variable in the above equation, you may like to go for data transformations assignment help.

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