All about Data Requirement: Indentifying Relevant Cash Flows Assignment Help

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What is Relevant Cash Flow?

Relevant Cash Flow and Investment appraisal are two terms, where students get confused. These both seem quite similar, but there lies a difference. Relevant Cash Flow is the term used when the inflow and outflow of cash from the investment appraisal does not affect eh overall investment plan.

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Related terms of relevant cash flow

Students get stuck with homework in Financial Management as there are so many difficult topics which are quite hard to understand. Following two topics are quite important when you are studying Relevant Cash Flow.

  • Sunk Cost:

It is the cost that is already paid and it does not impact the decision of the project.

  • Opportunity Costs:

It is the cost involved in next best alternative of the project. It includes basically the opportunity costs like building a factory etc.

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