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What do you understand by cross ownership?

The procedure of relating 2 or more business authorities or companies who have a single ownership instead of more than one is known as cross ownership.

Advantage of adopting cross ownership

  • It promotes economic growth but at a slower pace
  • In this case 2 entirely different businesses are tied up which ultimately leads to a positive change in economic growth
  • This management system is an excellent mode and can be used for self advertisement too

Countries which use this cross ownership procedure

There are several countries that actively use cross ownership management in their business. Few of the important countries are,

  • Germany
  • The United States of America
  • Japan

The information about other countries and their method of this management utilities are described in our cross ownership management assignment help manual.

Different type and explanation of cross ownership

Cross ownership management is also stated as a type of media ownership. In this respect, one type of sister company owns medium like TV or radio, and the other type owns communication like magazines or newspapers.

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  • Why cross ownership is called circular ownership?
  • How EPU adjustments are computed through equations?

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