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  • Creditorship securities are generally debt finance that is procured from the creditors. It is very important for the finance students to know about such type of securities to gain comprehensive knowledge.
  • The two major parts of creditorship securities are debenture and bonds.
  • Debentures and bonds can be of various types like secured/ unsecured debentures, redeemable/ irredeemable debentures, convertible and non convertible debentures, collateral debentures, first debentures, zero interest bonds, zero coupon bonds, guarantee debentures etc.
  • The nature of different creditorship securities is entirely different from each other so students need to be completely aware of the specifications of each type.
  • The returns on different creditorship securities will vary and thus students should know how to calculate the returns in each case.
  • Creditorship securities are the part of financial structure of any organization and students should know how these securities can affect investment decisions, balance sheet of the company, the returns they provide and their pros and cons from the point of view of investors as well as the issuing company.

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