Creative Ways for Making Homework Time Fun for Your Child!

29 Jun Creative Ways for Making Homework Time Fun for Your Child!

‘’Make homework a vibrant learning process, not a mundane one!’’

As an academic counselor, I have faced more than an isolated situation when parents have brought forth complains about how their children almost had no interest in the completion of their work on time.

I have heard them complaining ferociously as to how making homework time fun by introducing projects and films have been of no use. Well, for all those parents, here comes my suggestions regarding improving their children’s homework time and quality.

The major problem that parents have regarding their children is that they try to force them into a work that is completely against their wish. Naturally, they are faced with rejections that harm both their quality of work and relation with parents.

It is this node that one has to catch and work on to ensure that they complete their homework on time as well as enjoy the process.

Making homework time fun- Some tips to remove the boredom:

“My child just starts all her dramatic actions the moment I ask her to sit for her homework. Doing projects and reducing workload has just not helped! What should I do?” This was the query of a mother that made me search out some other unique ways to make homework time a fun affair.

  • Set up the study space in a creative way:

A creative space helps in breeding creative thoughts. So, why not apply it for your child as well? It is very important that the study room should be a space that makes the child happy. This will naturally induce him or her to take his books and sit down for studying.

I can assure you that with a happy space even your children would feel happy and thereby they will bring out their creative best. After all, nothing can be more than seeing your child reach the pillars of success.

Why not try something like a theme based room? It is the time that you bring your child out of the boredom of chart surrounded room and place him in a position where he can both study and enjoy. In this way, you will be making homework time fun for him, and this whole aspect of rote learning will completely vanish from his life.

  • Play a game to help recollect studies:

Why not play up with your child? Since you have been trying for a long time to ensure that your child does his or her work completely, why not show him some memory tricks. I as a child was not fan of such memory tricks, but when I tried it out with my nephew, it was a huge success.

He always had a complaint from me that I was not making homework time fun for him. But with this memory trick, I surely won his heart. Now every time he sits for completing his homework, he always uses this trick and enjoys his homework than mere rote learning.

  • Have some goodies as an accompaniment:

Which child doesn’t like candies? In case you have not tried this method out then I insist that you do! Make sure that while your child is completing his or her homework, he or she can have some light things to munch on.

As a counselor, I always insist that parents who come down to me should try something new and nothing can beat the greed of food! As one of the best ways where a student can be both asked to concentrate on work and munch on something at every moment, homework surely becomes fun.

  • Promise them rewards:

Giving your child a chance to ask for anything that they want surely calls for a great response. I have found this to be one of the best ways of making homework time fun for them. Make sure that you know what your child’s homework is and what the portions that have to be covered on an urgent basisare.

After you know, just tell them that you would give them rewards as soon as they are dome with their work. This happy little bribe does work wonders. Trust me! I initially was not in much favour of bribing the work, but such little nothings really help a student in completing their work and in the process enjoying it.

Homework absolutely has no value if not understood well. With this process, you can rest assured; your child will happily complete his or her homework.

  • Set a time frame for your work as well:

As they say, ‘’A child always follows the parents!’’ so also, make sure that you set an example before them. Why don’t you sit down with your office work just beside them? With no company as such and no reason to deviate, naturally, your child will have to complete his or her work.

Another thing that you should make sure is that however, difficult or boring your work may be you should never show it. For making homework time fun for your child, you too need to enjoy your work!

Make sure that you try out these techniques in your scheme of making homework time fun for your child. If you have further queries, you can surely mail them back. Eagerly waiting!