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What do you mean by the term CPM?

The word CPM is very important term and it indicates cost per thousand, which is a prominent term in the field of advertising. Now, what does it explain? CPM explains about what the cost of 1000 advertisement impressions for a single web page is.

Generally, this cost can also be charged for different other platforms for advertisements as television, magazines, radio, television, newspaper and similar things. So, one thousand impressions or one thousand viewers are the most essential thing for you.

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How to calculate the cost?

The cost can easily be calculated as

Cost = The cost of an advertising placement / The number of impressions

Suppose the charge is $5 CPM, it means the charge is taken on the basis of 1000 impressions of an ad. M indicates here 1000 impressions. The main motto of this is to compare the costs of various advertise campaigns across and within the different media.

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What are the different terms used?

The various terms are –

  • Effective cost per mille

Cost per Point

Cost per Rating Point

  • Impression
  • Pageview

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