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How Covariates pose a problem with assignment?

Let’s provide clarity on how statistical analysis using covariates can become challenging while completing assignments.

  • A covariate is a dependent or independent variable used in statistics that determine the outcome of a regression analysis.
  • Most often the precision of analysis, linearity of response is a critical factor in obtaining satisfactory grades
  • As a student, you need to acquire sufficient knowledge & data on surrounding ‘collinearity’ which is a time consuming process
  • In case of a multivariable regression analysis you have to technically apply methods to appreciate indications & symptoms of ‘collinearity’
  • Statistical & computational tools though readily available, running them for a large pool of data can lead to spurious correlation, noise accumulation & scalability issues.

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  • We make sure to maintain statistical accuracy with dimension reduction & careful selection of viable data
  • We address heterogeneity, incidental endorgeneity in addition to computational efficiency while dealing with huge data pool.
  • Statistical tools as per suggested guideline are chosen to stay completely aligned to the goal of the project.

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