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What do you mean by Cost of Preference Shares?

One of the particular ways of ownership interest is represented by the preference share. These shares get entitled to the dividends which are fixed or fixed dividends. However, the subject is done for acquiring profits for its distribution.

Fixed dividends are paid by the preference holders of the share before these shares get distributed to the equity shareholders. This step is completely done to acquire the profit.

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What are the different types of costs in case of Preference shares?

There are two main types of preference shares for which the cost needs to be evaluated –

  • Cost of Irredeemable preference shares

In this type of preference share the cost finds out when the market price of the preference stock divides the annual dividend of preference share.

Kp (cost of pref. share) = Annual dividend of preference shares
Market price of the preference stock

There are two types of preference shares –

  • Cost of Cumulative preference share
  • Cost of Noncumulative preference share

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  • Cost of Redeemable preference shares

In this type of shares there is a maturity date provided and this date is a fixed for the shareholders. This can be evaluated through the formula

Cost of Redeemable preference shares

 = Annual Dividend + (Redeemable Value – Sale value) / Number of years for redemption
(Redeemable Value + Sale value) / 2

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