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An overview

In simple terms, it can be described as a cost of goods purchased with the low discount as well as besides to any transportation or duties costs that have to be paid by the buyer.

In such a situation, the goods in question have be to assemble or prepared for a sale for the same purpose. Then this cost will also be considered as a piece of the inventory cost.  You can take help of Cost of Inventory and Costing Methods assignment help anytime you face difficulties in understanding any specific term or concept.

Different Types of costing methods

Now it’s time to talk about the types of inventory costing methods. This is considered as a cause of nightmare for many students studying accounts whenever they deal with this topic. Below are the types of costing methods.

  • FIFO – First in, First out method.
  • LIFO – Last in, First out method.
  • Specific identification method.
  • Average cost method.

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