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Defining the concept of cost behaviour

When describing about cost behaviour, it is showcased as an effective method with whose help expenditure changes can be made by a company by their business activity.

What are the generalized types of cost behaviour?

There are mainly 3 types of cost behaviour.

  • Fixed costs

Those costs that remain unchanged even if there are fluctuations in the level of business activities are known as fixed costs.

  • Mixed costs

In case of mixed costs, variables of both fixed costs and variable costs exist together.

  • Variable costs

Irrespective of fixed costs, variable costs do vary according to the changes caused by business activities. This variation is directly proportional to the change.

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Why is cost behaviour required?

Although cost behaviour is not essential for external reporting, it is extremely important for a company. The main reason is its ability to help the management in planning the necessary costs and controlling all of them.

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