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What is cost accumulation?

Cost accumulation is a procedure where a company uses accounting system of acquiring, recording and maintaining a database which states all the incurred business expenditures. Cost accumulation has 2 important formats.

  • Process costing system
  • Job order system

What do you understand by process costing?

Being an important part of cost accounting, process costing is a system where indirect costs are divided into various departments in different processes, and direct costs are discerned.

Different steps with respect to process costing

In case of process costing, there are various steps involved in creating a process costing sheet. Some of the essential steps are as follows:

  • Scheduling goods quantity and preparing their accounts according to their number of units
  • At the end of closing work, calculation of completed units’ percentage
  • Utilization of weighted average convention, which is also known as FIFO, for computing equivalent units
  • Searching and identifying the cost of per equivalent units
  • Cost accumulation from prior departments which are brought forward to the next one

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Various weighted average methodologies of process costing

There are mainly 4 methods which are used for the preparation of production report (departmental). It is with the help of weighted average process costing, one can get the results. Those 4 steps are as follows.

  • Identification of physical flow of units
  • Computation of equivalent units
  • Analysis of cost in totality
  • Calculation of unit costs

Other topic aspects explained by

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  • Sequential flow of cost in process costing
  • Methods of preparing calculations for process costing
  • Analysis of production cost in totality in case of process costing
  • Calculating cost per equivalent units of this costing method
  • Preparation of equivalent units or tables which comes under weight average methodology of process costing

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