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What Is The Importance Of Corporate Restructuring?

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  • Corporate restructuring is the process of reorganization of the operational, ownership, legal and various other structures of an organization by which it can turn out to be more profitable as compared to before and be organized in a much better way to fulfill the present and future needs.
  • It can be opted for various reasons like for changing the structure of ownership, mergers and amalgamations with other enterprises, to overcome bankruptcy, for the purposes of buyout or repositioning or any other purpose as desired by the organization.
  • It is generally the process of financial reconstruction where activities like financing of the debt, selling certain stake, reduction or expansion of operations etc are done to reduce the financial losses and to maximize the returns in the long run.
  • It is chosen to give a new direction to the company so that objectives can be achieved on time, risk can be reduced, core competencies can be achieved, losses can be minimized and investments can be done in the highly profitable segments which will ensure maximum returns to all the stakeholders associated with the company.
  • It helps in reduction of costs and unnecessary expenses. It is highly useful strategy for the revival of sick units.
  • By this method company decides what will be the optimum composition of debt and equity to meet its financing needs.
  • It is a highly useful concept that gives immense knowledge that how changes in the company’s strategies can alter its market position and profitability.

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