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What are corporate reports?

Corporate reports differ from company to company depending on their service mission. But in general corporate reports are the list of reports that describes all the activities of the firm through the year.

Types of corporate reports

  • Integrated reports

Integrated reports include strategy, risk and remuneration information about the firm and the required methods to perform the same. Integrated reports helps in analyzing the overall performance and issues a company is facing clearly enabling them to perform better authority and clear decisions.

  • Financial reports

It consists of the complete financial statements of the firm and the models used in function the profitable and positive direction to the overall financial condition of the firm. It includes statements like balance sheets, retained earnings, cash flow statements and so on,

  • Corporate governance

 In order to control and direct the entire company’s team, corporate governance report is considered as one of the essential platform to analyze the performance of individuals in the company.

  • Executive remuneration

The report that functions with the reporting of executives and their rewards after achieving the company’s strategic objectives is termed as executive remuneration reports.

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