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What do you mean by Corporate Management?

Corporate management denotes to the different levels of managerial personnel and executives in a business that has been united. The managers and executives who function at organization as the primary leaders of the business is said business management or corporate management.

Role of a Corporate Manager-

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  • Resources

Resources includes of employees, equipment and technology. Corporate managers who can meritoriously manage resources can ensure time saving in production, boost productivity and increase profits. To ensure effective utilization of resources is one of the vital roles of a corporate manager.

  • Policy Formation

To take decisions and achieve organizational goals, it is important to follow some policies. Business needs policies to take major decisions. Policies must be simple and can be followed easily. Corporate management takes this responsibility to dictate policies for various units, departments and branches.

  • Finance

It is the duty of a Corporate Manager to prepare budgets and financial forecasts for the business. There are some budget guidelines which is to be decided and strictly followed.

  • Coordination

Communication is a life blood of a business. Through communication, meetings and various processes coordination is maintained by a Corporate Manager. Coordination helps in balance the needs of the business.

  • Control

Through reviews, reports and feedback, a corporate manager controls the business and keeps it stable. With proper control, he can find out the business strengths and weaknesses.

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Difference between corporate management and corporate governance-

  • Corporate management is process of making decisions within an organization whereas corporate governance is set of rules and regulations which ensures that whether the company is serving its stakeholders or not.
  • Corporate management is a well-known concept and corporate governance is a new concept.
  • Corporate management operates in the company while corporate governance takes care of the ethical issues related to the company.

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In coming years, corporate management and corporate governance will merge and operate together in an organization. Combining these two practices can give good management and good governance to the business. We also cover the related topics for Corporate Management homework help.

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