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First, let’s get familiar with the basics of the topic.

What is a corporate image?

An image of an organization conveys its mission and professionalism along with its roles in the marketing environment.

Every corporate has its image, whether they really want one or not.

Corporate image of a company reflects their commitments and vision towards their employees, services, competitors and the general public as well.

In order to discover favorable presentation, the image of the company needs to be maintained to attract the deserved attention from marketing and senior professionals in the market.

Corporate image management is a term in order to function, design and manage the image in the market that will reflect the level of commitments of various factors like: quality, excellence, relationships with customers, investors and employees.

Elements of corporate image

Following are the major elements that sustain the image of a corporate:

  • Company’s mission statement
  • Corporate language
  • Behavior patterns
  • Corporate traditions and work ethics
  • Leadership style and pattern

Benefits of corporate image management

Once the image is sustained in a positive direction, it can benefit the corporate in the following ways:

  • Better and trust worthy reputation in the global competition
  • Sustainability of potential customers and investors
  • Relatively good relations with governing bodies and general public

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