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What is corporate financial structure?

Corporate financial structure can be referred to a specific mixture of long term equity and debts a company uses to finance its operations.

In other words, the finances of the company is divided into two categories, one part of the finance or the cash flow is given to the creditors and the other half is kept to pay to the shareholders.

Parts of financial structure

The financial structure of any corporate is always divided into two parts, equity and debts, and every other business is different, and has a different mixture depending on its needs and expenses. Therefore, every other company would be having its own debt/equity ratio (D/E) ratio.

Let’s say for an example, a XYZ company wants to issue its bonds. Now this company can either use this bond money either to pay of its debts, or even can buy stocks.

Difference between financial and capital structure

There is a difference between financial structure and capital structure, since both the terms almost defines the same thing in relation to long term financing and common stock, and retained earnings, but there is a difference when it comes to short terms financing.

Financial structure provides a more reliable information with respect to the business’s current scenario as it provides both long-term and short term finances, whereas, capital structure in focuses more on the long-term financial planning.

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