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What is corporate financial statement?

It refers to the financial reports that help in recording the business activities of the corporate. The complete financial conditions and profitability of the corporate is summarized in the corporate financial statements including short term as well as long term statements.

Objective of financial statement

The primary aim of corporate financial statement is to state every information about the corporate including the performance, financial strength and weakness, financial positions and changes in the same.

Types of financial statements:

  • Income statement: Also known as profit loss statement, the in come statement summarizes the information that is resultant of various operations in the corporate.
  • Balance sheet: Balance sheet helps in analyzing the financial positioning of the corporate with the information about net equity, assets and liabilities to the corporate at a certain period of time.
  • Cash Flow statements: The information on cash flow activity in considered under this category. Cash flow statements include the statements covered under follow department:

-Investment fields

-Operational activities

-Financial activities

  • Retained earnings statement: any type of changes under the retained earnings of the corporate is stated in this category.

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