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What is Corner point solution?

In business, the objective to produce a product is to produce it with maximum profit generation or incurs minimum cost. These production processes can often be described with the set of linear inequalities, known as constraints.

The process of finding the optimal levels with the systems of linear inequalities is called as linear programming.

What is linear programming?

Linear programming, in simple terms, is defined as the method of getting the best outcome in a mathematical way, where the requirements are represented by linear lines, or relationships. Linear programming is also known as linear optimization.

What is corner point?

Linear programming is calculated and represented in the graphical manner. Therefore, in a graphical representation of calculating the outcome of the company’s production, when two or more lines intersect each other, it forms a feasible region.

The vertex, or corner of that feasible region, in linear programming, is called as corner point.

A corner point solution is a graphical representation of the solution. But it is very important to note that not every intersection of line will be a corner point. It only occurs at a vertex of the feasible region. If, there is an optimal resolution to a linear programming issue, it occurs at more than one corner points, or even on a line segment among two corner points.

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