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  • Copyright is the right which is enjoyed by the creator who has created any original form of work and this is an exclusive right by which the creator gets the authority for the use of such work and its distribution.
  • Copyright is a legal right which is within the dimensions of a country’s law and generally it is given for a limited period of time.
  • Copyright helps in the protection of original way of expressing the ideas, but not the underlying ideas. One can also call it a type of intellectual property right which is given for some kind of creative work.
  • These rights are territorial in nature. It is generally a legal remedy for the creators of literary work, various artists, music composers and other creative domains by which they get the sole right for publishing and selling their work for a set time period.
  • If anyone violates the copyright then it comes under infringement and the owner of original work can seek legal action against the person who has violated this right.

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