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What Is The Importance Of The Topic Conversion Cost?

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Let us see the importance this topic holds-

  • Conversion cost is the aggregate of the entire amount that has been incurred for conversion of raw materials into final finished product.
  • It can also be summed as the costs of direct labor and the overhead expenses by which raw materials are transformed into final goods.
  • Direct labor cost includes all the salaries and the wages that needs to be paid to the workers who are engaged in the production process.
  • Overhead costs include all the expenses that may not be directly associated with the process of production but without such expenses it is impossible to convert the raw materials into finished goods.
  • It helps in finding out the value of inventory in cost accounting which is very useful in preparation of financial statements.
  • With conversion cost it becomes possible to calculate that what will be the exact incremental cost that the organization has to incur for creating a new product. Thus it helps in setting the correct prices of products.

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