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Ratio is relation between two numerical digits in respect of their value. When two numerical values taken from the data that are related with financial factors such as cash, flow of cash, balance sheet, statement of income and the statement of equity etc. then it was termed as financial ratios. Ratios help to understand a financial condition and stability of an organization. So ratio control is required to analyze the profitable margin and efficiency level, and the difference between these two factors.

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Requirement of control ratio

Control ratio is required to establish the financial performance of an organization in comparison with other companies. Such as –

  • For evaluating the  strength of the organization
  • Efficiency of management for controlling the resources of that business
  • To analyze what should be the investment to ensure the definite profit.

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Useful ratios for analyzing financial performance

Financial ratios play a significant role to indicate the entity’s financial strength.  Generally, Private financial institutes, bankers, investors, shareholders, creditors all use financial ratios for evaluating the entity’s financial condition before giving a financial support to a business.  The important ratios that are used in this analysis are –

  • Profitability determining ratio

It helps to understand the overall management power of an organization in generating a good profit against an investment and sales.

  • Efficiency evaluating ratio

It determines that how efficient is the management for taking a financial decision and how much effective that decision for  making a good return on investment and an overall turnover.

  • Liquidity indicating ratio

It indicates the company’s entire amount of assets that can be converted into cash if required to pay the debt and obligation.

  • Leverage ratio

It determines company is able or not to generate money against the investment and repay their obligations of taking fund from that financial Institute.

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