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About the subject topic

Physics being a science subject contains several experimental works where several factors are used as inputs and different result that are extracted from those inputs, known as outputs. So when a process give some output signals continuously in responds of some continuous input signal, termed as continuous signal  for an example analog electronics system.But the discrete inputs signals give discrete output signal such as computers system program.

Why it is challenging

To most of the students physics is a very tough and challenging subject. Students need to learn the subject from very beginning or else they do not cope- up with it. Because –

  • It contains lot of experiments, several methods for doing those experiments and lots of formulas.
  • Huge mathematical calculations are required here.
  • Students need to know scientific drawings, graphical presentation and mathematical presentation and transformations of those.
  • Only theoretical class is not enough as it is a science subject so practical classes are inevitable.

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Other challenges

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